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As so-called “taxable persons” and possibly also as entrepreneurs, they are “taken on duty” – more precisely, in a hardly manageable multitude of obligations. You should keep legally compliant accounts, file correct tax returns and, if necessary, even publish information about your company.

It goes without saying that we are aware of these obligations and that is the basis of our work. Our job is to find an efficient way for you to reliably fulfil these obligations. Using technical possibilities, identifying what is necessary, using room for manoeuvre and avoiding sources of error should make the processes lean and understandable for you. If you also succeed in providing you with reliable information for your decisions, the goal is almost reached. If you place your trust in us and we can advise you, that corresponds to our understanding of what we are doing.


Financial and payroll accounting, income-surplus statements and the preparation of annual financial statements are mandatory tasks and therefore one of our core tasks. The use of state-of-the-art technologies and clear communication between you and us are essential in order to fulfil this task as quietly as possible and in compliance with the law. The scope for action is essentially defined by tax law and accounting regulations.

However, our aim is to provide you with more than just the fulfilment of a legal obligation, but also a reliable information tool. So let us discuss together what you need.

  • Preparation of income-surplus-invoices in accordance with § 4 para. 3 EStG
  • Preparation of financial accounts on the basis of German commercial law
  • Preparation of payroll accounts including all accompanying services (production of certificates, statements, etc. )

Annual accounts / tax returns

Tax advice is about more than preparing tax returns. Tax advice is above all advice. We want to enable you to take tax consequences or risks into account in your decisions. We cannot avoid the tax consequences of a situation. However, with your help, we can ensure that tax-adverse situations do not occur at all or only at a time when this is acceptable.

A sound knowledge of tax law and the procedures in the tax authorities is the starting point for our actions. We prepare tax returns, represent you in appeal proceedings before the authorities or courts or in the context of audits. And of course we advise you.

Annual accounts

  • Preparation of winner surveys in accordance with § 4 para. 3 EStG (revenue-surplus accounts)
  • Preparation of commercial and tax financial statements on the basis of German commercial law for companies of all size classes or advisory support of the preparation or expert support of the company during the audit of the annual financial statements
  • Preparation of special balance sheets

Tax returns

  • income tax return including all attachments
  • Corporate income tax return including all attachments
  • business tax return
  • uniform and separate assessment of taxable amounts
  • advance VAT declarations and annual VAT returns
  • recapitulative statement
  • capital income tax returns
  • Valuation of assets on the basis of tax regulations
  • Inheritance and gift tax returns


  • general tax (design) advice
  • tax assessment and revision of contracts of any kind
  • representation in out-of-court and judicial redress proceedings before the tax authorities and tax courts
  • representation in all audits of the financial authorities
  • advice on business succession and asset transfers
  • advice on investment decisions
  • and much more


Auditing annual accounts as a statutory obligation should be more than just a matter of cost. We see ourselves as a critical partner who uses his knowledge to solve sometimes difficult accounting issues.

  • audits of annual financial statements in accordance with § 316 HGB
  • voluntary audits of annual accounts or comparable computer systems
  • Inspections in accordance with the Broker and Builders Ordinance (MaBV)
  • special checks in connection with conversion operations