Forensic services

A cleanly documented factual situation is the basis of every successful assertion of claims. As an auditing firm, our core competence lies precisely here: We analyse the company’s data and make payment flows and liquidity balances transparent.

The legal assessment of the facts is your responsibility. We are happy to work hand-in-hand with you or the legal representatives you have appointed, firstly to discuss the facts and secondly to work out aspects of legal relevance that you consider to be essential.

Our approach can ideally be summarised as follows:

First, an initial analysis is carried out on the basis of the secured accounting data. In this context, we evaluate the company’s payment transactions and check whether and, if so, when insolvency maturity could have occurred before the actual filing of the insolvency application. The aim of this initial analysis, the results of which we report in writing, is to determine further, specific tests in consultation with you.

After the joint coordination of the other audit priorities and the order of processing, we report in the form of a corresponding expert opinion at the time of the onset of insolvency maturity.

The insolvency-specific claims identified by us are finally made available in the form of file notes on the facts together with the corresponding annexes, so that the corresponding claims can be asserted (if necessary in court) on this basis.

The forensic checks are preceded by the security of commercial accounting and other relevant data, in particular the company e-mail traffic, which is ideally supported by us. Here we attach importance to a backup that allows a later evaluation of the data. This goes beyond just physically backing up data.

The aim of all efforts is a significant increase in mass.

  • Preparation of expert opinions to determine the date of onset of insolvency maturity
  • Expert review of expert opinions to determine the date of onset of insolvency maturity
  • Initial reports to determine valid challenge potentials in insolvency proceedings
  • Court-established documentation of facts on the basis of which claims to challenge can be asserted